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The paper-based can ­

The SmartCan is the world’s first CO2-resistant, cardboard-based beverage can for carbonated drinks with a pressure resistance of up to 6.2 bar / 89.92 psi, such as is required e.g. for the aseptic filling of beer at + 60°C to 70°C / 140°F to 158°F.

The revolutionary and inexpensive paper can is based on a so-called liquid board composite, consisting mainly of recycled material and which thanks to its patented multilayer construction meets all requirements for printing, stackability, temperature compatibility, aseptic properties, taste neutrality, shelf-life, and specific food-technology demands.

SmartCan Papierdose


The product benefits

The pressure-resistant can is made of paper manufactured from recycled, environmentally friendly natural materials, leaving only 4% of unrecoverable residual waste. Only the can lid with the classic ring-pull tab and the base are still made of aluminum.

Thanks to the ecological compatibility and the creation of a sustainable raw-material cycle, the paper-based can possesses a clear marketing-strategic benefit for beverage manufacturers and – by no means least – among their eco-conscious consumers.

A further advantageous aspect besides the positive energy balance is the lower cost involved in the production of the SmartCan in direct comparison with the conventional aluminum can.

The liquid board

The patented basic material used to make the beverage can, which optically and haptically is indistinguishable from aluminum cans, consists mainly of unbleached sulphate pulp, sourced from swiftly regenerating poplar trees.

The migration-free inner wall is made up of a non-toxic LDPE layer particularly resistant to carbon dioxide with a multilayer component. Gravure- or flexo-printing methods can be used to give the outer wall of the paper-based can its individuality.

The adaptions

Other cylindrical can formats of all sizes can be realized on the basis of the initial SmartCan slimline format, and meanwhile a low-price 5 l party keg and a double-walled 10 l party keg have also been developed as target-group specific adaptations for current-day beer-consumption trends. A minimum shelf-life of 9 months is guaranteed.

Other eco-compatible solutions are also in development for non-carbonated beverages and for other liquid products beyond the food and beverage sector.

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    In 2018, 3.51 billion beverage cans passed across store counters in Germany. Beer cans accounted for the strongest part of this growth.

    (Source: Metal Packaging Europe / Forum Beverage Can)
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