Enormous logistical and cost benefits for the beverage manufacturer.

Paper manufacturers with the capability to make the liquid board materials have been identified worldwide and thus also regionally, meaning that beverage fillers are no longer subject to the high costs for the transport and storage of empty aluminum cans.

The specially manufactured liquid board is delivered directly to the beverage producer’s filling facility in roll form and is cut to finish using the system solution implemented in the filling process, involving aseptic procedures for making the can bodies and closure units.

This provides plenty of logistical and cost benefits for the beverage manufacturer, who no longer needs to keep empty cans in stock prior to the filling process.

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    In 2018, 3.51 billion beverage cans passed across store counters in Germany. Beer cans accounted for the strongest part of this growth.

    (Source: Metal Packaging Europe / Forum Beverage Can)
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