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The currently available packaging alternatives for carbonated drinks (sodas, cola, beer etc.) are glass, PET bottles or aluminum cans. Glass bottles are heavy and fragile, while PET bottles are not very durable, with the result that aluminum cans have largely prevailed. These require a very high investment of thermal energy in their production, however, involving high emissions of pollutants, and can be recycled only to a certain extent, and due to the material are subject to worldwide debate.

In 2015, a total of 320 billion aluminum cans were manufactured worldwide, 100 billion of which were made each in North America and Asia and a further 55 billion in Europe. One third of these cans were used to package beer and another third to package sodas, with energy drinks and other beverages accounting for the rest (source: BCME). Be part of this market worth billions of euros with our innovative and sustainable, eco-friendly solution. Simply contact us for more specific information.

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    In 2018, 3.51 billion beverage cans passed across store counters in Germany. Beer cans accounted for the strongest part of this growth.

    (Source: Metal Packaging Europe / Forum Beverage Can)
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