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The basic concept of the patented SmartCan is the brainchild of Günter Keienburg, a mechanical and paper engineer renowned in the industry who formerly worked for DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL, NY. This specialist developed packaging concepts for many international companies in the food industry in the 1980s and holds a great number of patents worldwide. 

For health-related reasons, the inventor sold all relevant national and international patents, industrial designs, and the entire know-how for the further exploitation of the SmartCan to B. Peter Kuntze, who was his partner in the development of the product. 

The SmartCan Company GmbH has acquired and expanded the national and international patent rights together with the European Patent & Trademark Law Firm BONNEKAMP & SPARING, going on to further develop and optimize the product with partners from the paper and engineering sectors to make it ready for the market. 

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    In 2018, 3.51 billion beverage cans passed across store counters in Germany. Beer cans accounted for the strongest part of this growth.

    (Source: Metal Packaging Europe / Forum Beverage Can)
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